[sword-devel] GerNEU

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Fri Jul 18 23:53:00 MST 2008

Hi Manfred,
I'm the "maintainer" ... Sadly I just don't find / have the time to do 
updatees to all the modules I once made.

Thank you for your offer to help!

I had a solution which converted to docbook using antiword. Then I converted 
the docbook into osis. Which kind of worked.
Problem is, antiword stopped working.

The GerNeu source is MS Word.
If we find a way to convert it into something reasonable the conversion should 
be possible. Atm it's quite difficult because things like versenumbers are 
not marked in the text.

What do you think?

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