[sword-devel] Swordreader build on eVC3

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 17 03:01:07 MST 2008

Hi Troy .........

I'm just trying to get back into SwordReader again after quite a few 
months.  I thought you'd made an svn commit recently that overcame the 
following error:
\Prog\sword\src\keys\versetreekey.cpp(148) : error C2039: 'TreeKey' : is 
not a member of 'VerseTreeKey'
         ..\..\..\sword\include\versetreekey.h(39) : see declaration of 

I got this on the current svn, and it appears to be the only error. (it 
occurs 3 times on three different lines in the same file). I only keep 
sword-svn posts for a few days, so I don't have your commit post.  I 
remember you saying that most compilers assume 'this' ....  but that you 
had placed the declaration in one of the files for the benifit of eVC3 
et al.  Am I missing something?

God bless,

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