[sword-devel] mod2osis.cpp update

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 18:11:53 MST 2008


The attached patch is the current work that I have done which has
taken mod2osis from completely broken to at least basically
functional.  I have not had the opportunity to test on a module which
began life as non-OSIS.  In fact, I've only tested on the latest KJV
module.  However, making the trip from module -> OSIS -> module with
this patch in place gave me a module whose content which differs from
the KJV in only the first verse of each segment of Psalm 119, starting
beginning with verse 17 (Gimel).  The difference seems to be in
whitespace, though, not in displayed content - at least in Bibletime.

I didn't get a chance to check chapter headers/book headers (verse 0,
chapter 0) with my script, but they do make an appearance in the OSIS
file that is identical to their presence in the original KJV.

Note, however, that the original KJV OSIS file and the one produced by
the tool are not identical - there's some content in the header which
is not maintained in Sword format, and the structure of a few items
(some <div> tags at the end of several NT books) is moved around.
Notably, the pre-verse title of each of the Psalms which has one has
been moved to the inside of the chapter, as with a <div> note at the
end of Romans and a few others, which the original has been moved from
post-book to be inside of the verse.

However, a round-trip is now at least close to possible.  I have a few
more tests to run of various option filters, but this is progress.

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