[sword-devel] EVC3 Compile Errors

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 15 07:29:31 MST 2008

Hi there .........

David Trotz wrote:
> There is no MFC used at all whatsoever in SwordReader. Its all pure WinCE 30+ API calls.

If your build is grabbing MFC stuff it's probably because all the 
Microsoft compilers grab all kinds of MS libraries BY DEFAULT!!!!  Just 
one of many things I don't like about the MS compiler suites!  You can 
turn off use of MFC and other libraries somewhere in the IDE.  David has 
confirmed what I was faily certain of.  There should be no linking at 
all apart from the WinCE and Sword api.

Sorry I'm so short of time at the moment.  if you're still finding 
problems in two or three weeks, I'll get going and re-build to see what 
is happening.

God bless,

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