[sword-devel] EVC3/EVC4 Build Error

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 08:05:06 MST 2008

When I try to build, I am getting this error with EVC3 and eVC4:

C:\CrossWire\sword\src\keys\versetreekey.cpp(121) : error C2352: 
'sword::TreeKey::PositionChangeListener::getTreeKey' : illegal call of 
non-static member function
        ..\..\..\sword\include\treekey.h(58) : see declaration of 

This is the problem line of code:

TreeKey *tkey = TreeKey::PositionChangeListener::getTreeKey();

I do not yet understand MFC stuff.  :)

I think EVC4 may build however I get a lot of those could not find file 

Did I tell you I am a bit of a perfectionist?  :)


I choose God and all that my choice entails in this life even unto death and look forward to the new life that will come.

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