[sword-devel] SwordReader PocketPC and SmartPhone CAB files.

Albert L. Sites, Sr. al at sitesclan.com
Sat Jul 12 07:24:10 MST 2008

I think that at first we should focus on the basics. Keep the two menu
system and verify that we have a solid base.


Then, we can make the product have more bells and whistles. We could use
compile switches and compile the SmartPhone with two menus and others with
the more complex. Or, we can code to check if we are on a SmartPhone or not.
Then, we could either have two menu systems in the code and switch
accordingly, or we can allow via a configure screen the Pocket PC/Mobile
Professional users to choose between the two menu and the more complex menu.


But, let's get the bugs worked out and get SwordReader to the 1.0.0 level.





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SonWon wrote: 

Barry Drake wrote:

Hi David .........
David Trotz wrote:

Certainly lets discuss this further. I would like to hear others opinions as
well; including Albert Sites and Barry Drake.
If we diverge to two separate menus we need to implement some way to keep
them in sync, so that when a smartphone developer adds a menu item
reflecting some new feature the windows mobile devs get the menu
automatically as well, and visa versa.

I think it's just fine.  It's exactly what I would have done, and I 
don't think we ought to go for two different interfaces.  This keeps the 
whole thing simple - and it is intuitive and works well.  It also gives 
a nice uncluttered text screen!

I'll be disappointed if I have to use my Windows Mobile device like a 
SmartPhone.  I paid the extra money to have the extra functionality and 
desire to use that functionality.  I think it would be easy to give the 
user an option as mentioned in a previous post.  Hopefully someone else 
will agree with me  :)

That's not a fair statement ;-) If you look at many apps that you run on
your windows mobile device, you will find that at least 50% of them do the 2
menu system, especially those that have both the smartphone and pocketpc
support. But John, I will agree with you that having a more complex menu
available would be nice. 

So this is what I propose (actually you already made a mention of this):
Let's make the two menu system default out of the box, which will be our
official menu where every single command will be guaranteed to exist, and
let's allow for an alternate menu system available through the preferences.
I personally won't be spending much time right now to implement this, I want
to focus on a few other areas first. You are free to take it on if you like

My only concern is that SwordReader grows so complicated that it is hard to
use. If you take a look at Bible Reader by OliveTree you will find a very
nice bible program but at times overly complex w/ 2 fully customizable menu
bars. While I love the flexibility, I can see someone like my wife getting
frustrated with the complexity. Now in contrast if you look at Palm Bible+
you will see a simple yet elegant interface. This is the interface I want to
try to imitate. 

In Christ,
David Trotz

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