[sword-devel] Bible Publishers Sued for References to Homosexuality!

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 10:20:34 MST 2008

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David Haslam wrote:
> Newsmax.com reports that Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers are being
> sued by an American man because the bible states that homosexuality is a
> sin.
> Bradley Fowler, from Michigan is seeking $70 million from the publishers for
> 'emotional distress' and 'mental instability' he received during the past 20
> years from versions of the Bible that refer to homosexuality as a sin.
> more....
> Alerted via  http://www.evangelicals.org/news.asp?id=901
> http://www.evangelicals.org/news.asp?id=901 
> The targeted publishers can probably afford the lawyers, but what about
> groups of volunteers like us?
> -- David


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