[sword-devel] Arabic Bible

Kamal Abou Mikhael kamal.abm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 07:54:59 MST 2008

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

Arabic Bible Outreach has the SVD text in pdf and doc format.

Did you use the doc files or did they provide you with the text in 
another format?

This is just out of curiosity, because in either case I can compare "as 
I read."
Most of my preparation is in English, so I'm not using the SVD as much 
as before.
Either way, I'll keep a lookout.

I'll ask our church staff for examples because we use the old doc files 
to print
weekly memory verse cards and we sometimes come across discrepancies.

God bless,
Kamal Abou Mikhael

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