[sword-devel] GoBible

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jul 11 02:15:34 MST 2008

Jolon Faichney has answered to this thread by posting on Nabble where
our mailing list is apparently mirrored in form of a forum - allowing
direct response there which will not feed back into the mailing list.

I just realised this following a heads up from David Haslam.

I post here Jolon's response for everyone:


 Hi Peter,

Thanks for suggesting collaboration between Sword and Go Bible for the
purpose of stream-lining copyright permissions. I don't normally follow
the sword-devel mailing list but David Haslam emailed me about this
thread today. I think David may have also mentioned something similar in
an email a month or so back so the idea has been on my mind for a while.

My brief story is that I started Go Bible in 2003 primarily for myself
but also released it on the internet. Shortly after I began
collaborating on a Danish version and from there released the software
to make Go Bible applications from ThML and OSIS files which resulted in
many more translations. The last couple of years I've put less time into
Go Bible as it has become less of a priority in my own life and I've
increasingly thought about handing it over to someone else to maintain.
Fortunately the software works relatively well (especially the viewer)
so hasn't needed much updating over the last couple of years, however
more features could certainly be added and the GoBibleCreator program
could be made more flexible and user friendly. David Haslam came along
last year and has pretty much been the main driving force behind
promoting and supporting Go Bible. In the last 12 months I've
progressively released the source code and stream-lined the build
process so that it can be built by others. At the moment pretty much
everything I use to build Go Bible and the web site is available on the
Google Code web page (http://gobible.googlecode.com).

Copyright has been a big issue for us over the last 12 months to the
point of stagnating the process of making some translations available. I
agree that it makes sense to take advantage of any permission Crosswire
already has to allow the same electronic versions to be made available
on Java phones.

I haven't followed the Sword project much but it certainly would be an
honour to have Go Bible integrated in the development/distribution
process in some way. I would also be willing to hand over responsibility
of the entire Go Bible project to Crosswire if someone was willing to
take a leading role in maintaining it.

I'm not sure where we go from here, but I'm certainly willing to

God bless,


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