[sword-devel] Arabic Bible

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jul 11 01:27:38 MST 2008

Kamal Abou Mikhael wrote:
> 1. What was the source for your vowelized module?

Arabic Bible Outreach (arabicbible.com)

> Please note that although the word files from arabicbible.com are based 
> on the SVD translation,they exchange certain words for equivalents.  It 
> might be the case that the latest files have been fixed.

That is interesting. Can you give us some examples and the impact of
them? Is there a deliberate change (more accurate translation,
denominational bias?) or are there simple transcription mistakes?

However, please note - at Crosswire we would not alter the module text,
but simply pass on any problems upwards to the text provider and then
after they accepted the corrections put them into our own text.

> 2. How was the copyright issue resolved?
> With arabicbible.com or by using e-sword?

With arabicbible.com. It appears they are the owners of the copyright of
the vocalised texts. The exact content of our permissions need to be
still some more clarified, but we are allowed to distribute our module
from Crosswire.

In Him


> Regards,
> Kamal Abou Mikhael
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