[sword-devel] sword-devel Digest, Vol 52, Issue 14

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Fri Jul 11 00:14:41 MST 2008


Is it portugese you are using as system default language?


Am 10.07.2008 um 00:41 schrieb Jónatas Ferreira:

> Hi Manfred,
> After I did as you told me to workaround the problem with not having
> "module installer" I managed to see it.
> Thanks,
> Jónatas Ferreira
> Em 2008/07/05, às 20:00, sword-devel-request at crosswire.org escreveu:
>> Hi J?natas.
>> Hmm. I didn't notice that the "2" of 1.4.0b2 is not shown in "About"
>> window.
>> But it is that there is just not enough space to show the "2".
>> If you have build number 86 (it is shown as part of the mounted .dmg
>> image name) then you have the latest version.
>> There defenitely is the module installer but it maybe that depending
>> on the language you use I forgot to add the menu item.
>> A "Module installer..." menu item should be directly above
>> "Preferences..." menu item.
>> Which language are you (and your friend) using?
>> You can try to switch off all languages except "English" as a work
>> around.
>> This is done in the Application infomation window (right-click  
>> on .app
>> and choose "Information") in the languages section.
>> Regards,
>> Manfred
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