[sword-devel] OSIS huh?

Ryan adyeths at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 17:17:47 MST 2008

> As to Ryan's suggestion of xmldiff -- I've been running that for the
> past 12 hours on the two documents.  Unfortunately the algorithms it
> uses are atrociously complex.  It's up to 2.9 GB of RAM usage and has
> pegged out one of the processors on the machine for 12 straight hours.
>  They claim that any document with >100 nodes is bound to take a long
> time to process - the KJV files seem to have that count beat by a few
> 10's of thousands.  No idea on node count, but there's upwards of 65k
> lines in the file, many of them with more than one element.

This would probably be better for this task then...

It includes a simple xml diff utility.

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