[sword-devel] Arabic Bible

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jul 10 14:58:34 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
>> 1) Not everyone likes vocalisations - some Arabic readers think they are
>> a bit baby-ish. For some they are crucially important. So we should
>> offer choice.
> This is probably better handled via a change plus rename to the existing 
> UTF8HebrewPoints filter. We can extend it to strip all vocalization from 
> Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, and others (as we become aware of them and 
> support content in them). We might call the new filter something like 
> UTF8AbjadVocalization.

I think this would be excellent and would entirely deal with that angle.

> Even those Arabic readers who prefer not to see vocalization would 
> likely prefer the paragraphing provided by the new source over the 
> unparagraphed PD version.


>> 2) The old version is public domain - this one is more restricted. A
>> public domain version has significant advantages for third party
>> distributers.
> Which sorts of 3rd party distributers do you mean?
> I think 3rd parties who are taking our content on CD (for example) to 
> distribute in Sword format shouldn't worry about the licensing. I think 
> that's within the scope of what Arabic Bible Outreach Ministries is 
> giving permission for.

Mirroring and customising of Sword software. Packaging of content so
that only relevant stuff for a particular distribution target language
is there.

> Third parties who want to use our content to derive content in other 
> formats shouldn't. We don't encourage that. We've never encouraged that. 
> Those parties should just grab the PD version from Unbound Bible like we 
> did. It's more reliable than what you can get out of Sword.



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