[sword-devel] OSIS Commentary Question for multiverse content

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Thu Jul 10 04:50:44 MST 2008

Hi Chris,

So what would you suggest that I do?  I know we all have more ideas than 
time, and I suspect that you also have quite a number of other things on 
your plate.  If you expect this fix to be in place in, say, less than 6 
months, then I'd go ahead building my module.  If you suspect that it's 
low on the priority list and might get pushed off for some years, then 
I'd consider other options (temporarily give up on the module, multiple 
copies of the content, etc.)


> Diatheke uses the API, which inherently understands linked verses. It's 
> not even possible for a Sword app to not return a value for a linked 
> verse if it exists because there's no difference from the data stored 
> for the primary verse.
> Besides, I've seen the linking bug myself. I've got a couple 
> commentaries and a Bible encoded and waiting in the wings until I or 
> someone else gets a chance to fix linking.
> --Chris

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