[sword-devel] Getting Started on Windows Mobile Software

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 16:26:42 MST 2008

David Trotz wrote:
> John,
> I am so excited you want to join our team. It will be nice to have 
> another engineer working with us on this. It also encourages me to stay 
> focused and motivated on the project myself.
I wouldn't call myself an engineer.  I am a project manager by trade.  I 
self taught myself C and C++ Win32 so I could write a Bible reader 
program.  Lost my job when I started the project so I decide to sell 
it.  Never could gain momentum and the hardware and M$ changed faster 
than I could keep up.  Building text modules was tedious for my reader.  
Now, God has given me the best job I have ever had in my lifetime and I 
am no longer interested in selling a Bible reader.
>> EVC4 is still available from M$, I think I'll give that a shot since I 
>> have a PPC 2003se and Mobile 6 device.  I use to code in EVC3 and then  
>> port to EVC4 for PPC 2003se/Mobile 5 support.  M$ broke that with Mobile 
>> 6 though.  I couldn't keep up with M$ changes so I went back into the 
>> workforce.
> It shouldn't be too hard to port, I was able to port it to Visual Studio 
> 2005 in about an afternoon. Mostly it was just a matter of dealing with 
> STL and other posix standard headers that windows mobile didn't have in 
> eVC 3 but now has in MSVC2005.
>> I think we should think about different versions for different 
>> platforms. PPC 2002 (has 3-4 processor types), PPC 2003/2003se and 
>> Mobile 5/6.  We should keep as much of the code the same as possible though.
> I agree completely, but do keep in mind that the sword engine is 
> somewhat slow when it comes to marking up text. I have found that a 
> bible like ESV w/ all features on can take ~6 seconds to load and render 
> Psalm 119 on my Samsung i760. I do have plans to take more of a demand 
> loading approach but thats a few months out still.
The reader I wrote renders Psalm 119 in less than 1 second with Strong's 
numbers off, maybe 1-1.5 if on?  That is with an Axim x50v, 624 Mhz 
processor.  It also tracks the line a verse starts on so you can return 
to that exact verse.  The big problem is with the modules unique 
formatting, takes to long to create more modules.  I really need to see 
the reader so I can get a feel for where to focus my attention.  I am 
still rebuilding my workstation almost done.  VMware and windows is left 
to install and configure.
> Keeping the code base the same for all the different platforms should be 
> relatively simple.
I only supported PPC 2003, 2003se, and Mobile 5 in the past and when I 
tried to backport the code to PPC 2002 I found several functions where 
not supported and scrapped the idea due to time constraints.
>  The harder part is getting access to all the 
> different devices we want to support.
I have 3 platforms, PPC2003, QVGA (If it still works?), PPC 2003se, VGA, 
and Mobile 6 QVGA.
>  I think we should initially 
> support those devices that are specifically being requested now. In most 
> cases adding support for other devices will be as simple as creating a 
> new build for each specific processor, in others we may have to do 
> run-time functionality tests and in others maybe a few #ifdef clauses.
> Currently Albert Sites is helping me with the Pocket PC port. I am 
> hoping we can have a unified menuing system between the two builds.
>> I would be glad to join the team.  I am interested in adding some bell 
>> and whistles to the interface to make the reader easier, although I am 
>> only guessing since I have not looked at SwordReader for several years.
> Yes, this is also why I started helping out on the project. I wanted 
> something that was easy to use and didn't lack some of the features I 
> have grown to love in other pda based bible programs. Its definitely a 
> challenge to program on something with so many limited resources, but 
> that's what keeps me interested as well.
I notice the emulator is very very very forgiving in buffer overflows 
compared to actual hardware.  :)
>> I noticed there is no CAB file available for download on the main 
>> website which is a problem for non Windows users.  I avoid Windows 
>> whenever I can but will run it in a VM to develop for this project.  Can 
>> we get CAB files listed there?
> I have nothing against CAB files. I am open to them I just have not 
> gotten around to creating one yet. I have not made any official releases 
> since I started the rewrite.
If the code can be compiled and you have time please build and email a 
CAB for me so I can see where the reader is at.
>> I think the first thing I need to do is get SVN up, is there a how to?  
> Well even better (depending how you look at it) there is a free O'Reilly 
> book available at
> http://svnbook.red-bean.com/
>> I know nothing about SVN but I am vaguely familiar with version control 
>> concepts.
> Since you will be using Windows to do the dev, be sure to check out 
> TortoiseSVN at
> http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/
> It makes svn a snap (not that it is that hard to use in the first place) 
> but it does have some cool features like a visual diff tool for 
> compraing your source against the subversion HEAD.
> Feel free to bug me anytime, especially as you get started with the 
> code.  You can find me in irc.freenode.net in #sword
> I am either dctrotz or dtrotzjr. I also do AIM, Yahoo, and MSN IM, but 
> those I only give out privately. so drop me an email if you want my 
> screen names.
> Welcome to the team.
> --
> In Christ,
> David Trotz
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I will check out these resources.

Thank you for all your support!

John Mitchell

I choose God and all that my choice entails in this life even unto death and look forward to the new life that will come.

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