[sword-devel] perl arrays and usfm2osis.pl

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Sat Jul 5 01:19:36 MST 2008

Hi Daniel,

>     @nCR = (a ..z) # Creates the array
>     $nCR = @nCR[0]; # Sets the value of $nCR to 0 ("a") at the beginning
> of each file (book)
> Then when I am creating cross-references it prints:
>     n="$nCR"
> and then after the note is created I have this at the end of the sub:
>     $nCR ++;
> so that the next cross-reference is b then c, etc. I want to cycle
> through the array from @nCR[0] to @nCR[25] and then return to @nCR[0].
> In other words the 27th cross-reference in a book should be n="a" not
> n="aa".

$nCr is not a reference into the array, it contains the value 'a' after the 
first assignment. Then you call the operator ++ on that value. Perl has some 
builtin magic for that operator (man perlop) for strings. So this is not what 
you want.

This code cycles through the array nCr several times:

@nCr = (a..z);
for my $i (0..100) {
        print $nCr[$i % scalar(@nCr)] . " ";

Hope that helps,
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