[sword-devel] minor WLC update in beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 2 21:10:12 MST 2008

Please quickly check the WLC text currently in Beta if you have a 
chance. Some invalid OSIS in the text was causing rendering problems in 
BibleCS, such that it was rendering right-to-left within verses but was 
laying out the paragraphs themselves as left-to-right.

The update was pretty simple: export module to IMP file, clean up the 
IMP file a little, convert the IMP file to OSIS.

The only changes to the text should be:
1) Invalid "<p/>" is replaced by "<lb/><lb/>".
2) All invalid type values were prefixed with "x-" (namely in <seg 
type="morph"> and <note type="textual">).

It looks fine in BibleCS, so there's no need to test that.


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