[sword-devel] Getting Started on Windows Mobile Software

John Mitchell sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 10:27:21 MST 2008

 I am interested in programming a Windows Mobile version of The Sword

I have experience in programming with Embedded Visual C++.  I actually wrote
a proprietary Bible Reader for Windows Mobile based PDAs.  However, I now
desire to build an opensource Bible reader for all to use, since I don't
care for any of the available Bible readers on the market today.  My
strength is actually more towards a usable interface design rather than
coding, but I am able to get the code to work.  :)  I am a coding hack but
will try to be more structured with this project.  My focus is on ease of
use so the software doesn't get in the way of reading and understanding
God's Word.

I have chosen The Sword Project because of the openness and because of the
large library of modules to choose from.

My plan is to write a reader that will be able to use all of the
available modules in the library.  I also hope to incorporate
module downloading from the Internet, but this would be a later goal.

>From browsing the archives, it appears there is an API that will allow me to
read the various file formats of the modules?  Please correct me if I am

I think to get started I should take existing source code to learn how to
read the various modules.  I am thinking The Sword Project for windows would
be the best match.  But, I am also considering the QPSWORD version.  This
would require me to use/learn QT for coding though.  And I understand from
QT that I would still need to compile my code in MS Visual Studio (VS).  I
am leaning towards just using MS VS.  Speaking of which, does anyone know
where I can obtain an inexpensive copy of MS VS ($300 is more than I can
spare at the moment.  I would then use the appropriate code from that reader
to use in the mobile version with mobile specific modifications.  I would
prefer to only work with C++ since I have no experience working with MFC,

Are there any current projects ongoing in building a Windows Mobile version?

I am looking for advice on where/how to start before I dive in.

Thank you to everyone who replies!

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