[sword-devel] problems with BibleCS 1.5.11

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jul 1 20:30:12 MST 2008

Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> writes:
> There's no regression. Most of these issues have never been features.
> Only JPEG files are supported at this time. GnomeSword uses PNGs. (GIFs 
> are also not supported. I can see some limited value writing a PNG 
> decoder, but I can't see value in supporting GIF also.)

I could have sworn I had tried other image modules with the .11 beta I
previously tried.  But evidently not.  Very odd -- I would at least have
wanted to see that the GnomeSword manual module worked in BibleCS, as a
marketing message of sorts, if nothing else.

No matter, I'll convert a mess of *.gif and *.png images to *.jpg soon.

I do wish PNG support would be reconsidered -- PNG definitely has a
brighter future.

> (BAO is entirely JPEGs. I'll probably rename this 
> BibleAtlasOnline and put it in public soon.)

That was my original intention, when I first offered the module.  I
no longer remember how or by whom it was changed to just "BAO".

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