[sword-devel] GoBible

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Jul 1 14:16:40 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> We have a fair number of Bibles which are only distributable via
>> Crosswire due to to the permissions given to us - but expanding our work
>> into GoBible would seem like a natural extension to what Crosswire does
>> anyway. Should we not consider
>> a) creating GoBible modules ourselves and hosting them from Crosswire
>> server where permissions are not there to allow others to create and
>> distribute?
> I don't have a problem with collaboration, but our having permission to 
> distribute content in Sword format does not imply any kind of permission 
> to distribute content in other formats. The contracts I've seen are 
> specific in identifying _Sword_ format rather than giving blanket 
> publication permission to CrossWire.

The contracts I signed (Farsi Bibles) were unspecific non-commercial
electronic format, but for distribution by Crosswire and my church.

So I guess we would need to dig out all relevant agreements and see what
is allowed and what not as it may be different for each module - which
is what one would expect.

Since I became aware of GoBible and David's + Jolon's work I am always
approaching everyone with both projects in mind - which would be a lot
easier if we simply set this out as one of the things we want to do in
Crosswire - produce  Bible modules for all platforms - and include
mobile phones.


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