[sword-devel] Why is OSIS preferred? Was Re: usfm2osis.pl

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jul 1 10:51:53 MST 2008

David Haslam <d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk> writes:
> Are we allowed to know who the main contact is at WBT/SIL for
> permitting these to be used by Crosswire?

I'm sure Troy knows; I'm not personally familiar, but I just looked at
*.conf and noticed origin + date.

> I just tried two of these modules in SWORD 1.5.11 out of curiosity.
> * jvn_BL_1999
> * miz_BL_2003
> What languages are these, anyone know?

Caribbean Javanese and Coatzospan Mixtec, according to the ref page
Chris mentioned earlier.

> There are needed some improvements in punctuation - 
> eg. sometimes there's no space after a full-stop in the jvn module.

That might be legitimate in those languages; I wouldn't know.  But the
modules' *.conf mention that one ought to use a certain font (Charis
SIL) because of language-specific weirdnesses.

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