[sword-devel] Why is OSIS preferred? Was Re: usfm2osis.pl

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 08:38:23 MST 2008

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> "Jonathan Morgan" <jonmmorgan at gmail.com> writes:
>> ThML is also still (I think) used by the greatest percentage of our
>> modules (though that may be changed in the future).
> ...
>> Will GBF continue to be supported?  I seem to remember that Chris
>> reported lack of GBF support as a missing feature in BPBible, despite
>> the fact that I'm sure that I have heard statements suggesting GBF is
>> very strongly deprecated.  How many modules are still GBF?
> A couple shell commands will give useful summaries.  Refresh main and
> beta repos in your mod.mgr, then peek in ~/.sword/InstallMgr/*/mods.d.
> for i in plain gbf thml osis ; do
>     echo $i `grep -i ^sourcetype=$i * | wc -l`
> done
> Main:                   Beta:
> plain   2               plain   1
> gbf     49              gbf     0
> thml    163             thml    6
> osis    23              osis    93
There are some modules you have missed: some plaintext and some tei. 
Also, some modules in beta have just been released and some will upgrade 
existing modules.

Recently released:
etheridge, finney, geralbrecht, gerreinhardt, godsword, heretics, 
institutes, noyes, spavnt

The merged numbers will be:

plain 42  - 3 are becoming OSIS and 2 new PlainText
gbf   45  - 3 are becoming OSIS
thml  162 - 4 are becoming OSIS and 3 new ThML
osis  122
tei   12

Of the current ThML module, there are 106 glossaries. (These probably would be best to be encoded in TEI.) If we ignore these, since most people find them useless and ignore them and because most front-ends can't do anything useful with them, the number of ThML modules will be:

In Him,

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