[sword-devel] osis2mod warnings (was Re: thml and scriprefs)

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 09:33:24 MST 2008

pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com wrote:
> --- DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> ha scritto:
>> This wiki page has links to pages for OSIS books.
>> Hope that helps.
> Thanks for the help and the patience!
> There are details to be fixed but my bible is mostly working now, and it even
> respects the nifty formatting stuff I had in the original GBF file
> %xmlwf cei.xml
> %xmllint --noout --schema ../../osisCore.2.1.1.xsd cei.xml
> cei.xml validates
> however I get some warnings from osis2mod:
> ______________________________
> ...
> Warning verse Gen.27.39 is not well formed:(5,7)
> Warning verse Gen.27.40 is not well formed:(7,5)
> re-versified Genesis 32:33	as Genesis 32:32
> Appending entry: Gen.32.32: Per questo gli Israeliti, fino ad oggi, non
> mangiano il nervo sciatico, che è sopra l'articolazione del femore, perché
> quegli aveva colpito l'articolazione del femore di Giacobbe nel nervo
> sciatico.<lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/> 
> Warning verse Gen.35.11 is not well formed:(5,7)
> ...
> _______________________________
> perhaps someone knows what is happening?

The OSIS document can be completely well-formed and valid, as your is, 
and still have these warnings. These "well-formed" warnings are not 
warnings about the correctness of your OSIS document, but of 
compatibility with some SWORD front-ends.

The well-formed warnings indicate that the verse taken by itself is not 
well-formed XML. This means that there is either a start tag without 
it's corresponding end tag or an end tag without its corresponding start 
tag in the verse. These verses will not show well in some applications 
in some situations. For example, many front-ends use HTML for display 
and may put verses in table cells (typically for parallel display). 
These may have difficulty showing the verse as you intend. All 
front-ends should degrade gracefully with modules producing these warnings.

You may note that osis2mod will do some substitutions that will minimize 
these warnings. For example, it replaces every paragraph begin <p> and 
every paragraph end </p> with the <lb> element with a type attribute 
indicating which it did.

The "re-versified" warning is that in SWORD a module can only have the 
verse numbers in that are in the KJV. (We are working on a change to 
SWORD that will remove that restriction, called alternate versification) 
That said, osis2mod will append any "extra" verses to the preceding verse.

In Him,

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