[sword-devel] InstallMgr in python Was OLPC interest still?

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 30 23:21:11 MST 2008


Are you using SVN?  We had fixed some code in InstallMgr 'recently'.

const static changed to
static const

in svn now.

Do you still have SVN access to commit your new installmgr.i and sword.i 

Thank you for working on this.


Ben Morgan wrote:
> See below. Near the bottom are what I think are probably core InstallMgr 
> issues.
> On Jan 22, 2008 8:02 AM, Pierre Amadio <pierre.amadio at laposte.net 
> <mailto:pierre.amadio at laposte.net>> wrote:
>     - The download/manage module is awfull. (Why is there no python wrapper
>      for the InstallMgr class ? :-) ).
> One reason that there is no python wrapper is that SWIG cannot parse the 
> installmgr.h file. This is due to the fact that SWIG is quite touchy 
> about the order of modifiers. Changing the lines
>     const static int MODSTAT_OLDER;
>     const static int MODSTAT_SAMEVERSION;
>     const static int MODSTAT_UPDATED;
>     const static int MODSTAT_NEW;
>     const static int MODSTAT_CIPHERED;
>     const static int MODSTAT_CIPHERKEYPRESENT;
> to
>     static const int MODSTAT_OLDER;
>     static const int MODSTAT_SAMEVERSION;
>     static const int MODSTAT_UPDATED;
>     static const int MODSTAT_NEW;
>     static const int MODSTAT_CIPHERED;
>     static const int MODSTAT_CIPHERKEYPRESENT;
> will solve that problem. Could this please be fixed? It has no semantic 
> difference, but it  means that installmgr can be used in python without 
> patching the source.
> Another reason is that no one had got round to it. I have attached an 
> installmgr.i file which ought to do this. To get the status reporter 
> working, the sword.i file which you are building from must have these 
> lines added to it
> %module(directors="1") Sword;
> %feature("director") sword::StatusReporter;
> %include "installmgr.i"
> However, when I try using it, it makes a pretty horrible mess (I'm using 
> VC++ Express Edition 2005 and using cURL to do the downloading, as 
> ftplib won't build)
> Under a debug build, a debug assertion is triggered on closing after 
> refreshing a remote source.
> The assertion (part of the msvcrt debug, I think)
> is in close.c on line 48
> Expression: (_osfile(fh) & FOPEN)
> Under a non-debug build it crashes on trying to refresh a remote source, 
> after it has done it once (even in a different session).
> I think this is because it is getting two files, abbott.conf and 
> fdla_en.conf with modified dates of
> Thursday, 24 November 30044, 1:22:45 AM
> and it can't handle deleting files with these dates.
> The debug version sets those two files' modified dates to the current 
> date/time.
> Does anyone have any ideas on why this doesn't work? This could have 
> something to do with the unzipping not working properly, but I'm not sure.
> God Bless,
> Ben
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