[sword-devel] thml and scriprefs

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Tue Jan 29 13:49:23 MST 2008

> OptionFilters are used to toggle features on and off. You might use
> this for a Bible, in which you want to allow the user to choose
> whether scripture references are displayed. It probably doesn't make
> sense to use this in a GenBook.
> Assuming you did want to use the OptionFilter, did you turn scripture
> references on in GnomeSword?
> Please also note that ThML is no longer actively supported by
> CrossWire and it is unlikely that we would post a new module that uses
> ThML. The same goes for GBF. We only actively support OSIS.

What do you mean by "actively supported"? Did we abandon the ThML filters?


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