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peter refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 18:01:06 MST 2008

The immediate place for such a link would be in the module config file.

This would result in anyone looking at the info about the Vietnamese
Module getting the link to the Vietnamese Bible Society. The module
config file is used as info on the website.


It is normally done so with a larger number of modules.

Another place could be the BD pages - and this something you would need
to talk with DM about. BD is now increasingly widely translated and it
might well make sense to have pages in different languages for it.

Like - "this is BD, this is how you use in in Vietnamese and this is
where we kindly got our material from ->link". Same in Farsi, German,


Daniel Owens wrote:
> I just received this response from the copyright holders of the New Vietnamese 
> Bible (NVB), published in 2002. As I understand their response, they are 
> granting permission for Crosswire to distribute the NVB but would like to have 
> linking between the two websites. Perhaps they want to give people a chance to 
> buy printed editions. I am not sure how the linking would work exactly, whether 
> we could have a Vietnamese language wiki page or what, but it seems appropriate 
> to present this to sword-devel to see what next steps should be taken. Is this 
> documentation clear enough to satisfy the need to have permission to distribute 
> a module? What about creating links between the two sites?
> Daniel
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> Subject: 	Crosswire Bible Society Request (01/28/08)
> Date: 	Mon, 28 Jan 2008 08:40:01 -0600
> From: 	Leon Taylor
> To: 	Daniel Owens
> Good morning Daniel,
> I pray that you are well and that the Lord is blessing you.  The VBI NVB 
> Publication Committee has approved your request (below) on behalf of Crosswire 
> Bible Society.  
> We have approved a mutual partnership with Crosswire that will link Crosswire 
> with our NVB website, and our website with Crosswire's.  Dual links will serve 
> to increase the web traffic on both sites, and provide other important options 
> for searchers. In summary, our site will link to CW so that their VN users can 
> immediately go to our web site for Scripture and our users can go immediately to 
> another good English translation on the CW site.     
> Please let me know the decision of Crosswire regarding this cross-link partnership.
> Leon Taylor - Chairman
> Vietnamese Bible, Inc.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> To whom it may concern:
> I am seeking the copyright holder of the New Vietnamese Bible. I would like to 
> ask permission to distribute the NVB on behalf of the Crosswire Bible Society.
> The Crosswire Bible Society is a non-profit organization which maintains a 
> library of Bibles and Bible study materials, also called the Sword Library. They 
> develop free Bible programs to use the Sword Library in Windows, Mac, Linux, 
> Palm, and Pocket PC as well as providing an online interface for the library. I 
> would like to make the NVB available for their library. You can view their 
> website at http://www.crosswire.org.
> My goal is to add Vietnamese-language Bibles and other study materials to the 
> Sword Library as well as translate program interfaces so that Vietnamese pastors 
> can have free Bible software for study and sermon preparation which not only 
> includes Vietnamese texts but Greek, Hebrew, English, and other languages. In 
> the end pastors and students will be able to do serious biblical exegesis using 
> the Sword library.
> If you could put me in touch with the right person to contact regarding this 
> request, I would appreciate it. I normally live in Vietnam, but I am temporarily 
> in Singapore. I can be reached at (telephone number) or at this email address.
> Sincerely,
> Daniel Owens
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