[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

DJ Ortley djortley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 16:26:35 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com wrote:
>> I have some pretty cool documents.. starting with the new Catechism of the
>> Catholic Church (in spanish), but before that (although not necessary) I
>> thought it would be nice to have a Catholic Bible.
> Is the CCC copyrighted? I've had an OSIS document of the CCC in English 
> for a few years, but I assumed I wasn't distributing it because it was 
> copyrighted. Am I confused? (Maybe you're just preparing your own module 
> for personal use, so it's not any concern to you personally, but if you 
> happen to know the situation, please let us know. Is the copyright 
> holder fairly permissive?)
I don't know much about exactly what's going on, but we have 
pseudo-permission from the Vatican to use the Catechism at Cathnet.org 
(which isn't yet a 'live' site, but its on the net.)

 From what I understand, one needs to be sponsored by two people (I 
think Bishops) and bug a particular nun in Rome to death with faxes 
until she placates us by giving permission (though a little non 
sequitur, Luke 18:1-9 comes to mind.)

Right now we have permission to use the Catechism (English translation) 
in a limited form, but that permission is only on a trial basis right 
now.  Things are currently in flux at the moment.

You know the saying, ask me tomorrow and I'll get back with you in 10 years.


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