[sword-devel] Versification

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Mon Jan 28 10:12:06 MST 2008

Frontend developers and end users are of course interested in having
good support for navigating in a Bible so that giving a reference as
input would give the expected output. It may be impossible to map
references inside works so that the result would always be correct but I
think that it might be reasonable to give the user a possibility to
choose the versification scheme with Bibles. I mean, it should be
possible for the user to give a verse so that he gets the same actual
content from every translation. Otherwise e.g. parallel Bible support
becomes impossible. Technically this means that there should be some
kind of mappings for each versification system.

I remember vaguely that this point has been discussed before but now
when we are talking about versification I'd like to know more about this
issue, too.

	Eeli Kaikkonen (Mr.), Oulu, Finland
	e-mail: eekaikko at mailx.studentx.oulux.fix (with no x)

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