[sword-devel] Versification

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 03:18:11 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> We don't really need help in deciding how to represent Bibles that  
> don't use the KJV versification. That detail is already decided. We'll  
> be using GenBooks with OSIS-style refs as the keys. So Gen 1:1 goes  
> in /Gen/1/1 and so forth.
> We can make these Bibles right now. The problem is they won't act or  
> appear like any of the other Bibles.
> What we still lack is all of the code to make GenBook Bibles  
> accessible via existing Bible interface methods and any other work to  
> make GenBook Bible generally look & behave like VerseKey-type Bible.  
> (Slight simplification obviously. If anyone is actually willing to  
> help start implementing, we can give more details about what is  
> planned.)

I have just now looked through the code of libsword and could not find
where it gets its versification scheme. Maybe I did not look hard
enough. Or did see it, but not recognise it. A lot of it looked generic
and not at all dependent on any particular scheme,  be it KJV or Roman
Catholic or whatever.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Being no coder, I can not see how completely new way of encoding Bibles
should be the right way forward - particularly as it would result in

a) a possibly long period of breakage/poor implementation on various
GUIs (+ some GUIs which are perfectly fine now will never get it)

b) a very different way of creating modules, requiring new tools etc
(unless I misunderstood you, Chris)

c) confuse the user, who often enough is perfectly unaware that his
particular tradition uses a different scheme (and hence his Bible will
display not in the ordinary window)

Would a change at the root of the problem not be a lot more economical?

As someone who creates modules I would not have to care at all about
which versification scheme my Bible uses during encoding it (apart from
the basic fact that I have to chose one.) All tools would work the same way.

As someone who uses the software I could use it just as now, and without
any changes apart from having a wider range of material available (which
will be have as I am sued to)

FWIW  Bibledit reads at the set up of each project a versification scheme.

There were when I last looked two or three schemes around, but the
principle was open and flexible - new schemes could easly added by
programmatically unskilled people like myself.

The two files setting this out are short. The Versifications.cpp is 193
lines long, the versification.cpp only 38 (in C++). The former loads and
parses a particular scheme, the second applies a chosen scheme on newly
imported text. (Bibledit is, as the name says a Bible editor, a
translation tool a la Paratext) There is probably other stuff too. Teus
uses sqlite a lot and that might play a role too.

I attach them below. The whole source can be obtained here:



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