[sword-devel] Most 3rd world children can learn a little Python but not a huge C++ Re: OLPC interest still?

Daryl Daly dwdaly at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 21:16:40 MST 2008

> Jason Galyon jtgalyon at gmail.com wrote:
> There were various conversations in the past relating to Bible related 
> software for the One Laptop Per Child or XO project.  I would like to 
> start the discussion back up if anyone is interested.

> Zachary M. Oglesby zoglesby at gmail.com wrote:
> I totally agree with you on this statement, but the thing that gets me the
> most exited about this is great opportunity for missionary work. It
> would be great if you could go to a place and instead of  having to  ship  a
> bunch of bibles over you can simple bring a USB thumb drive with a version
> of  the sword libraries  designed for the laptop that the state is  giving
> kids for free.Now all of a sudden you can give a bible to every child in
> the area while spending a lot less. And it's great that if they learn about
> the Lord and come to know him and it's put on their soul to help develop
> applications then they can do that too.

I am very interested in developing "activities" for the OLPC XO which can be used to teach children about Jesus.This learning would probably take many different approaches. I think one approach is just to provide God's Word in a way that can be easily read by children. To this end I have started to learn how to make a Sword based "activity" for the XO. I may be reinventing something that already exists somewhere but this is also a learning project for me. I have been using Python for little projects for the past few years but I am having to learn PyGTK and I have not had any previous experience with the Sword API.
It seems to me that 'sugarizing' the project from the start will enable it to grow with the environment over time.

The other approaches would be along the lines of "playful learning". I am not sure it this qualifies, but the next step I was thinking of was some sort of read-a-long activity where the bible is shared among "friends" in the XO mesh network. It is read by the "teacher" and children listen in and follow along via the XO's audio and visual capabilities. Kind of like when I read to my children at bedtime -- obviously not quite the same but maybe you get the idea.

I am sure there are better (different) "playful leaning"activities but I am not an educator so I am looking for ideas.


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