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Sat Jan 26 22:10:06 MST 2008

I appreciate you helping to clear some confusion here since I think
that I helped with some of nudging.  This is great news, since all  Greek
modules will have a common morph reference.  I think covering all  the
combinations in the known works would be adequate since most of the
works are not dynamic (akin to Strong's dictionary work.)
I was wondering if you could make a similar statement pertaining
to the Hebrew morphology as I don't suppose Robinson's codes
have been or will be used for Hebrew morphs?
In His Grace,
Chris Little wrote:
>Presently we have 3 morphologies in use:
>1) Robinson is used in  Bibles like Byz that come from Maurice Robinson.
>2) Packard is used in  one or two special circumstances (LXX maybe?)  
>and has roughly a  subset of the Robinson tag semantics with slightly  
>different  encoding practices.
>3) TVM codes appear in a few Bibles, but their actual  explanation is  
>not offered anywhere since Larry Pierce claims a  copyright. They are  
>also a subset of the Robinson system's  semantics with completely  
>different encoding (4 digit codes that  look like an extension to  
>Strong's numbers).

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