[sword-devel] GPL and other license related questions

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Fri Jan 25 23:53:40 MST 2008

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, Jason Galyon wrote:

> On that subject
> Free as in Freedom
> Is Sword available under a dual license btw?  This probably has already
> been answered but I am failing to find it currently.
> Some believe the GPL to be restrictive and freedom destroying.  What
> about other open source licenses like the Python license for example?
> IANAL, but before I start a project I want to make sure I have the
> freedom to develop open source as I believe is the most beneficial to
> all.  Has this been answered before?

The licence issues have been discussed many times before; so many that
it is impossible to give one reference or brief explanation. I think you
should search for "sword-devel" with "licence" or "license" or "GPL".

One important point for this project is that if the engine would have a
non-restrictive licence it could lead to many closed-source projects
taking advantage of it, giving nothing in return and finally destroying
our purpose. Personally I don't like GPL very much but looking at this
project and other Bible software projects (non-Free) I have come to the
conclusion that this is very much a valid point of view for this
specific project. Note also that my general preferences for Open Source
against closed source (and even against Free Software) may be even a bit
more "philosophical" than of some other Crosswire affiliates, and yet I
have come to this practical conclusion.

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