[sword-devel] Private/Group SVN on Crosswire

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 06:03:04 MST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008, at 3:53 AM, peter wrote:

> Following on a discussion we had on another thread, I realised that it
> is possible to run a svn repository from my ~user directory on
> crosswire. This is great as it allows me to make minor changes to the
> module etc without a 40 min upload each time. I just svn commit up my
> changes and recompile the module on the server.
> Question now: is there a way for me making this a group facility  
> without
> on the one side involving the admins (creating work for someone  
> else) or
> on the other side handing over control over my user directory to  
> others
> (my group members) who might not understand what they are dealing  
> with?
> In short I was hoping for a way of having a ssl protected
> open-by-invitation-only subversion repo which does not open up my user
> directory to the users. I could then get the people in my church who
> work on the various aspects of proof reading etc connected up to the
> repository rather than handing USB drives about or emailing bulky  
> files
> to each other.

Yes you can make it by invitation only. You will need a little bit of  
administrative help.

There are two files, for authentication and authorization,  
respectively, that you need to manage.

The authentication file is created with htpasswd.

The authorization file is created by hand, following the instructions  
in the Subversion Book.

These two files can be under your control.

To invite someone, you add entries to these two files.

 From what I remember, you will need to change the Apache httpd conf  
(note, there's no period) to connect these two files to your  
repository. (This is what needs some administrator's help)

The proper way to modify Apache is to have a separate conf file with  
the directives you need. This is then placed in a directory where all  
the conf files are read.

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