[sword-devel] How to get vowels in the Arabic bible module?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 23 21:33:52 MST 2008

peter wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> peter wrote:
>>> Chris Little wrote:
>>>> I'm having problems with a hard drive that has most of my module work. 
>>>> So while it was being repaired, I spent a couple hours and made an OSIS 
>>>> doc of the Smith & Van Dyck Arabic Bible.
>>> Does this mean you have tools to create a module out of a plain numbered
>>> word document?
>>> How do you do this?
>> I just exported the Word docs as xhtml in OpenOffice and processed the 
>> result as usual.
> While exporting to xhtml is clearly of benefit, the "as usual" is still
> a few steps to steep for me to do in a couple of hours.
> Do you have a transformation tool from xhtml to osis or thml?

As usual (for me) is writing a script to convert whatever text I have 
into OSIS. (I always use Perl because it's simple and has the best regex 
implementation I know of.) You just have to look for patterns and try to 
exploit them to tease out a regularized text.

This happened to be a very regular text in general, so everything should 
have been retained through the conversion.


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