[sword-devel] SwordReader - HTML Renderer - Demo

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 22 10:08:21 MST 2008

> On Jan 21, 2008 1:36 PM, Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> wrote:
>> Hi David .......
>> David Trotz wrote:
>>> I have conducted some timing tests to quantify just how much faster the
>>> new renderer is, see the results below
>> It's impressive.  I haven't been able to take accurate timings, but the
>> impression I get is that they are similar on my device.  The only thing
>> I'm wondering about: you seem to display a different font from the MS
>> one: will it still be able to handle the Greek properly?
> Yes, nice!
Thanks, I spent quite a few hours coding it, and as it stands now is
around ~1000 lines of code (for my html componenent), so its not too
> As long as it can display utf-8, it should display Greek fine.
> Biblical Hebrew is another matter. Something I've been watching is
> Qt/Embedded for WinCE. It's out as a tech preview now, and it includes
> WebKit. The reason Qt and WebKit would be good for WinCE/Pocket
> PC/Windows Mobile is that Qt and WebKit have the i18n functionality
> we'd need to properly render all sorts of languages, particularly
> biblical Hebrew.
> Plus, it's cross-platform. If you're interested:
>     http://trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/qt-windows-ce
Yes, I had spent some time looking into this, especially since Troy has
a QTopia version of Sword already started (QPSword) . But being its
still a technology preview I was not ready to throw my weight behind it.
I have seen too many technology previews fade away, trolltech is more
reliable than some but I decided to wait it out.

Thanks again for the feedback, I do appreciate it.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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