[sword-devel] Building on Linux

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 21 17:10:37 MST 2008

Thanks DM for noticing this.

I have managed to fumble around inside the autotools system in the 
engine and get _ICU_ defined at the top level AM_CXXFLAGS, but now we 
have 2 -D_ICU_ flags when compiling the libs.  I could not get one to go 
away.  It shouldn't hurt, but would be nice if we could figure that one 
out.  As usual, I only understand enough to be potentially hazardous, so 
please comment on my changes if anyone has a better way to get this done.

This did reveal that diatheke hadn't been compiled with ICU support for 
quite some time.  A few lines of code have been updated to compile.  Not 
sure if the ICU options actually work, though.


PS.  DM, this changes requires a ./autogen.sh after you svn update

DM Smith wrote:
> I am trying to add NFC normalization support to osis2mod.
> In looking at the conditional compilations regarding ICU I find
> #ifdef _ICU_
> #endif
> I tried that (and I am compiling with icu and can verify that) but  
> _ICU_ is not being defined and passed.
> When I add -D_ICU_ to usrinst.sh, I then get it. But diatheke won't  
> build.
> Can some one help me?
> Thanks in advance.
> In Him,
> 	DM
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