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David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 21 02:39:09 MST 2008

I have come to a point in developing the new HTML Renderer for the 
Pocket PC version of Sword that I am ready to share my results. Attached 
is a binary and test texts that need to be installed in "\Storage Card\" 
to work.

This is NOT SwordReader, nor does it use the Sword libraries at all, but 
it does use texts that were dumped from SwordReader in a raw format so 
that I can emulate the SwordReader display. This application demos what 
the new HTML renderer can do. Once it is mature enough I plan to 
integrate it into the official SwordReader source. I wanted to be sure I 
had something solid in place before making as drastic changes to the 
source as this integration will require.

I have included 4 sample Texts.
   John 16 - demonstrates red letters
   Psalm 119 - long text w/ foot notes.         Acts 12 - simple short 
   Luke 17 - long text due to Strongs and Morphs being on.

How to use the demo app:

   Navigation pad
      Up/Down    -- Scrolls a single page of text.
      Left/Right -- opens the next/prev text (of the 4 listed above)
      Center     -- Changes to the Microsoft HTML Renderer.
                       Use the center button to compare renderings,
                       and speed. Both displays are forced to reload
                       the entire text each time this button is pressed
                       so that you can get a sense of how fast each one
                       is with the given text.

   Where is the scroll bar!!!
      There isn't one in my new renderer. To scroll you have 3 options:
      1) Scroll using the navigation pad.
      2) Scroll using your touch screen by tap and drag motion
      3) Scroll using your touch screen but flick the pen across
           the screen to cause it to roll with a velocity that will
           degrade over time. (**This is my favorite feature.**)

      Simply tap (without moving) the screen.
           All that will happen at this point is it will show you the href
           embedded in the link. If it is not a link it will show the 
word you
           tapped, just to show that I know where every single word is 
on the
           screen, it will not do this once it is integrated into 

   What's supported:
      I only support a subset of HTML - basically anything I felt might be
       useful for biblical texts was included, and we can always support 
       tags later if we want (we own the source code).

      Tags supported:
            name=... (handled not in a standard way)
            size=+/- (relative sizes only)
               "red", "blue", "green", "black"

This does not deal with demand loading (something we will need in order 
for nearly instantaneous displaying). So it will still feel slow on 
large texts, but it is still 2X faster than Microsoft's built in 
renderer. In all fairness I am only implementing a subset of HTML but 
still its faster, and I think it displays nicer too. (Of course I am 

Hopefully I covered it all, its late and I am tired. If anyone sees some 
glaring omission of something I should definitely support, please let me 

For those who do not have a Pocket PC available, I plan to upload a 
video to YouTube sometime Monday showing the demo in action, (and maybe 
a few seconds of me shredding at Guitar Hero 3, j/k).

In Christ,
David Trotz
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