[sword-devel] Primary/secondary reading selection

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Jan 20 20:08:49 MST 2008

As a result of putting together an updated module (just-released 2.0 of
Sandborg-Petersen's Tischendorf8, in which he now has some alternate
readings to be encoded), I learned that GS' pri/sec reading selection
code was hopelessly broken -- I had never previously noticed.  I've
reworked it and gotten the basic structure into place better.  Now,
though my pri/sec/all state choice is being made properly, the text
obtained is not changing.

The GS code wanted to make pri/sec/all choice in the same sort of way
that other options (headings, Strongs, footnotes, whatever) are chosen.
Is the interface for making pri/sec/all selection necessarily different?

feeling a
bit dense,

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