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DM, Sabastien,
Thanks for your references on encoding. I have read about encodings and Now  
I need a practical example of making it thru the module process. Let's say I  
have an alpha with an accent (I use PSPad to get the codes in right) and I 
have  this in XXX.imp.  When I bring this into NotePad with UTF-8 as encoding  
type (Format is also Greek script) it looks just fine.  Then I run it  thru 
"imp2ld XXX.imp XXX 2" to get XXX.dat and XXX.idx.  No errors, no  problems.  The 
XXX.conf  file has Encoding=UTF-8.  But when I  fire up BibleCS and look at 
XXX in the LD pane I see a box where I  am expecting an accented alpha. 
Unfortunately I know of no accented Greek  text that I can reverse engineer to see 
where I am going wrong. Without  clear answers at this point
I have resigned to include only unaccented Greek text. If there are better  
tools out there to ensure I am on the right track please let me know.
In His Grace,
>On Jan 18, 2008, at 5:24 AM, Sebastien Koechlin wrote:

>>  On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 11:58:10PM -0500, RLRANDALLX at aol.com  wrote:
>>>>> I'm trying to display Unicode Greek in  RawLD   ThML with 1.5.9  
>>>>>  BibleCS.
>>>>> Does anyone know what the .conf file should  look like?
>>>>> "Encoding=Unicode or "Encoding=UNICODE" does  NOT work.  I just  
>>>>> get  open
>>>>> squares where the letters should have  accents.
>>>> Should be UTF-8, "unicode" is  usually for  internal representation  
>>>>  only
>>>> and "unicode" in itself is  ambiguous.
>> Unicode is not an  encoding.
>> As encoding is a common source of problems, I  tried to write a small  
>> text
>> about it. As english  is not my native language, someone should  
>>  probably
>> correct it.
>>  http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/Encoding
>I've added links  to your excellent page from  
> both in the  section on Encoding and in Related Links.

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