[sword-devel] modules upload etc - suggestion

jonathon jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 19:17:21 MST 2008

Karl wrote:

> I believe that as long as it's difficult  for Joe Random to produce and distribute a Sword module (cf. Peter, who succeeds because he is bull-headed enough to keep pushing), that kind of community critical mass will not come into being.


I look at the number and type of resources available for The Sword
Project, and I look at the number and type  available for e-Sword, and
the difference is overwhelming.   In theory, there should be more
resources for the Sword Project, than e-Sword.  The toolset that Joe
Random can use is the critical difference.

There is one major issue with tools that make it easy for users to
create resources --- piracy.   I'm not sure how to prevent it.   [One
thing that would help, would be if copyright owners were more serious
about cracking down on pirated material of theirs.]



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