[sword-devel] question on possible update to ChiUns

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Jan 14 20:05:00 MST 2008

A couple weeks back, someone asked on sword-support for a Chinese Pinyin
module, providing the public domain source reference, and in an hour or
so I had hacked up a basic version which the requestor has been using.

He has since asked if an update to ChiUns would be possible, because
evidently he sees (being a Chinese speaker) that the ChiUns has many
errors and the new source reference he gives (from same site as Pinyin)
is much better.

Unfortunately, the new, improved text is lacking Strong's and morphology
markup.  So we either have featureful errors (now) or bland correctness
(if I gen up a new module).

Honestly, the new module's script would be close to a no-brainer, given
that its markup from the source site will be nearly identical to the
Pinyin markup.

Would it be sensible to have both?  Or could the older module's
Strong's/morph markup be applied to the new content?



> I understand not wanting to go backward in terms of features.  But the
> advantage of having a text without errors (or at least markedly less
> errors) is of inestimable value.  The updated text also includes the
> removal of all the spaces between every Chinese character which is not
> the way Chinese is meant to be written (see the difference in the way
> the Chinese NCV text is displayed which is the correct way).

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