[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries - bug in BibleCS?

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 11 02:04:21 MST 2008

Hi there .........

Luke Plant wrote:
> I'm sorry, I actually thought of this and put that line in my .conf, but 
> forgot to tell anyone.  The reason I forgot to mention this is that it 
> still doesn't work for me.  

I haven't got an up-to-date BibleTime in operation at the moment, so 
can't comment on this, but there is a strange happening in BibleCS. 
Hovering over the footnotes marker shows the note from the current bible 
instead of the note from the current commentary (or an empty popup if a 
footnote doesn't exist in that position in the bible version), but the 
'popout' note shows the correct footnote from Calvin.  We don't have 
this problem in SwordReader, but we are picking up on the 'Module' field 
in the footnote attributes: I haven't looked at the BibleCS code, but 
assumed that this does the same since Troy told me to look there when I 
was working on that part of SwordReader?

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