[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries and empty footnotes

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 13:30:15 MST 2008

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there .......
> I notice something like this in KJV: <note type="study">Adam: or, the 
> man</note>
> In the new Calvin, there seems to be something like: <note n="40">   	 
> <p> Namely, into heaven and earth.</p> 	 </note>

This is perfectly valid OSIS.

Just a wild guess that the <p>...</p> is causing the note to be rendered 
as empty.

IMHO, having the entire note surrounded by <p> is unnecessary and 
probably will introduce unwanted whitespace.

> In KJV, we don't seem to have a number, just a 'type'.

The KJV preserved the type attribute from the previous edition. There 
were no "n" attributes, so none were created.

>   The 'raw' output 
> shows the 'type' as 'type=n'

Actually, this is a "magic" value created by the Sword engine. It is set 
to 'x' if it the type is a cross-reference and 'n' otherwise.

>  - it's obviously using the 'n' that goes 
> with the note number.

BTW, in OSIS (and I think that it got it from TEI), the n attribute is 
used for the "number" to be shown. It could be something other than 
digits. Sword does not look at the value, but manufactures it's own. 
JSword uses it if present, creating it's own when not.

>   I don't know whether or not this is good Osis, 
> but I'm sure if you change the number reference to <note type="study"> 
> in all of the footnotes, it ought to work.  I'll wait to hear comments ...

In looking at some of the Sword engine for OSIS, I don't think 
type="study" will change anything.

Hope this helps,

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