[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries - new module

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Jan 9 08:05:16 MST 2008

Eeli Kaikkonen <eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi> writes:
> if a frontend displays the footnote inline and blindly adds line
> breaks the result may be broken.

They're called footnotes for a reason: They are to be displayed at the
foot of the (printed, as originally intended) page.  If they were
intended to be inline, the author would have written the notes
parenthetically.  UIs showing footnotes inline are just broken.

Create a popup for them, open a separate window for them, or reserve
space at the bottom of the display for them in true footnote style --
any of these would be fine.  But displaying footnotes inline is purely
wrong UI design.  It interrupts the author's intended flow of the text.

> (Should we accept the fact that the modules are becoming more and more
> complicated and all, especially simple, frontends can not cope with all
> modules? I'd like to see more complicated OSIS if it gives better
> results for end users, but it's more work for developers.)

"Simple" != "simply wrong."  If there is content they will not display
correctly, the very least they can do is eliminate it from display in a
sane fashion.  If that means no footnotes, so be it.

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