[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries - new module

Luke Plant L.Plant.98 at cantab.net
Tue Jan 8 11:43:13 MST 2008

Hi all,

I did some more work on this, and I reckon I'm ready for public testing.  
Changes include:

- list of books in the .conf, as suggested by someone on the list
- fixed the book of Psalms, Zechariah and Malachi, which had slightly
  different ThML, causing them to import incorrectly.
- a couple of fixes to the source of John 1, which I've also sent
  upstream (CCEL) as ThML patches.

All of the links below remains as they were, they have been updated with 
new files.  For the impatient, it should just be a matter of getting 
the .osis.bz2 and the .conf, bunzipping it and running osis2mod:

osis2mod ...something/modules/comments/zcom/calvinscommentaries 
calvinscommentaries.versified.osis 0 2 3

Obviously, there may still be errors, but there is no way I can check 
all of it, and everything I've come across so far now seems to be in 
order, and I've been enjoying using it myself :-)



> Hi all,
> I've created a module that combines all of Calvin's commentaries.  It
> is an OSIS module, which I've generated from CCEL's ThML sources,
> using XSLT and various python scripts etc.  osis2mod doesn't yet
> support OSIS commentaries very well (it requires them to be marked up
> like Bibles), so, after some messing around, I've added a stage into
> the scripts to 'versify' the OSIS -- hopefully that will be removed
> at some point.
> All my scripts etc. are in the swordtools Subversion repository.  For
> the end result, see:
> It's working quite nicely on my machine :-)
> To generate the module from sources, you will need to look in the
> swordtools repository:
>  http://crosswire.org/svn/modules/calvinscommentaries
> Have a look at the README. (BTW, current build scripts don't clean up
> after themselves very well, to make debugging easier, so you will end
> up with 300 Mb of stuff in a folder 'build').
> You will also need the CCEL sources -- for your convenience, you can
> download them here:
> http://lukeplant.me.uk/misc/sword/calcom_sources.tar.bz2
> I haven't checked this thoroughly by any means, and I've run out of
> time to do any more work on it for a while, but it should provide a
> pretty solid basis.  The module strips out everything that isn't
> commentary, including Calvin's latin translation of the text and all
> the forewords and indexes -- I think that is better, for now at
> least.
> One thing I have noticed, and I think it is a bug with osis2mod --
> where a line starts with whitespace, all the leading whitespace is
> removed, which means that if the line before didn't end with
> whitespace, two words now get joined together.  For an example,
> search for "eloquent by nature, but when" in
> calvinscommentaries.versified.osis, and see the corresponding words
> in Gen 3:1, where you will find "whenSatan".  This occurs quite a
> lot, it would be good to get it fixed before releasing the module to
> the public.
> Regards,
> Luke

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