[sword-devel] Problems with imp2ld not responding

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 7 22:05:57 MST 2008


I would suggest searching your system for all installed files for sword. 
  For example:



Then compiling again from scratch with:

make distclean
cd utilities
./imp2ld ....

It sounds like you might have conflicting libraries or include files or 

if things still fail, it would be useful to get the smallest segment of 
your imp data file that still breaks the app.

It would also be useful to see a backtrace from gdb.  For example:

gdb ./imp2ld
r <arguments here>
[after crashes]

Thank you for taking the time to report this.


Alonso Graterol wrote:
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>     Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Problems with imp2ld not responding
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>     I also see no problem with imp2ld and would recommend upgrading to the
>     latest build that I just posted.
>     --Chris
>     I just installed svn build with no different result than before. 
> Same symptoms. I did not say it before, I'm running kernel 
> <>
>     After trying svn version and uninstall it I installed version 1.5.8. 
> This was the last one ran successfully on my previous 32bit system 
> running kernel <>. Unfortunately  now I receive 
> a segmentation fault instead of symptoms described in previous post.
>     If I can be of further help to solve this issue please let me know.
> Update:  nightly win32 version build works fine
> Alonso
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