[sword-devel] osis2mod now handles commentaries

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 14:25:19 MST 2008

I've just checked in changes to osis2mod that allow it to handle 

A SWORD module can be made for a commentary that is structured like a bible.

The difference is that
<verse osisID="Gen.1.1 Gen.1.2 Gen.1.3">...</verse>
is replace with
<div annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Gen.1.1-Gen.1.3">...</verse>

The biggest change is that osis2mod now can handle osisRefs which 
contain ranges. It was actually trivial to have it recognize the start 
and end of this new div.

In implementing this I added the ability to handle osisIDs and osisRefs 
with workIDs. It already handled "grains".

A grain is an OSIS specifier of part of a verse as in !b in Gen.1.3!b.

osis2mod's behavior regarding grains is still the same: osis2mod ignores 
it. The result is that all the parts are concatenated into the same verse.

However, there is one problem that still remains:
<verse osisID="Gen.1.1 Gen.1.2 Gen.1.3!a">...</verse>
<verse osisID="Gen.1.3!b Gen.1.4">...</verse>
This does the following:
The first verse is stored at Gen.1.1. Then Gen.1.2 and Gen.1.3 are 
linked to Gen.1.1.
Then the second verse is stored at Gen.1.3, replacing the link that of 
Gen.1.3 to Gen.1.1. Then Gen.1.4 is linked to Gen.1.3.

I'm now going to work on a similar program to build  a TEI/OSIS 
dictionary module.

In Him,

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