[sword-devel] SWORD compatible add-in for MS Word

Jeff Becker jbecker at fiveviews.com
Wed Dec 31 00:37:41 MST 2008

Hello developers at The SWORD Project,

My name is Jeff Becker and I'm a software developer and a minister.  I've been talking with a couple of people on your team and with
their help have been able to develop an add-in that is compatible with MS Word.

This add-in allows easy insertion of Bible text, provided by SWORD, into MS Word.  It also allows easy change of the translation of
a scripture previously selected and inserted.

I'm providing this to you for several reason.  First, to acknowledge all of your hard work in putting together the application that
this add-in is based on.  Second to show you what I've done so you can decide if you want to include it or links to it on/from your
Web site.  And third to ask for your help in testing, bug reporting and suggestions for improvement.

I'm sure you'll quickly notice the copyright.  That was selected because it's what I know.  There will likely never be any cost to
users for this add-in.  The copyright is simply the easiest way for me to protect the software while decisions are made about

I hope that those of you who have MS Word will install the add-in and try it out.  There is a read-me included in the Zip file and I
hope you'll read it before installing.  If you have questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you for your consideration and your hard work.

Jeff Becker
mailto:jbecker at fiveviews.com
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