[sword-devel] Vanishing news item

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 30 04:11:54 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Sorry, Chris, this is not the correct stand of affairs. The news item
> was new and fresh from the press. i.e. from yesterday.
> LCDbible has been undeveloped until recently, but was recompiled
> yesterday to work with 1.5.11.
> Lynn also wrote to me that he plans to port the GUI of his other project
>  BerBible onto it. So the project is not dead. I guess he will also need
> to update his website to reflect that, but that is probably not really
> our concern.

It's fine to list LcdBible news if an actual new release is made. But, 
the most recent release on Lynn's site is still from 2006. I just 
downloaded it to check that he hadn't simply uploaded a new file and 
failed to make any news announcement about it. The files within the 
archive are from June 2006. The latest stuff on sourceforge is from 
2005, these also being the latest versions with source. So the most 
recent version also appears to be in violation of the license.

> When I rewrote the front page I communicated with developers of
> frontends which appeared to be dead or near dead, in order Lynn was one
> of them. He asked me to continue to list LCDBible - which at that stage
> was current enough (1.5.9) to warrant continued listing. He has since
> supplied me with updates to the blurb and has recompiled the programme
> to work on the newest engine.

Provided that there's some actual activity and the latest source gets 
released, I don't have any problem with listing LcdBible.

> So, I think the item is/was correct. My only problem was the lack of
> appropriate category to put it in, so I put it into "General". I do
> think we should create a general "frontend" category for minor frontends
> which might get a news release once in a while.

The categories were intended to reflect platforms rather than specific 
frontends, hence the platform logos rather than frontend logos. (I guess 
BD is the exception here.) I've changed the name of the BibleCS category 
to Windows to make that a little more clear.

In principle, I don't have a problem with making the categories 
frontend-specific (plus a general frontend category for minor frontends).


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