[sword-devel] Vanishing news item

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Dec 30 01:45:10 MST 2008

I put up yesterday a news item on a new release of a minor frontend ,
bringing it in line with current modules.

Within a short while the item had vanished without trace.

If this is caused by a bug, then I would like to report it. There is
already another bug with that system which makes editing of already
released items impossible.

If this was a deletion by someone else who did not care to tell me that
s/he did not agree with me putting up that item, then I would like to
receive some clarification what we consider news for the site:

My understanding was that releases of frontends are news, that all
frontends listed on the site should be considered newsworthy and that we
wanted in general have more news flowing through the system to make the
news stream reflect the amount of work - minor or major - which is

And if someone tried to edit any typos but run into the editing bug,
then it would have been nice to tell what happened and that the only
solution was deleting the item, so that I could re-submit it in
corrected format.


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